our story

nota™ is the first ever line of all-natural skincare treatments made with an organic, early harvest, single-sourced extra virgin olive oil from the mountains of Sparta, Greece.  All our products are naturally crafted with Lonely Olive Tree™ organic extra virgin olive oil.  The fruit of organic olive trees are filled with powerful antioxidants, including the gold standard: hydroxytyrosol (HXT). A recent study found HXT to have an anti-inflammatory, restorative effect on skin cells. HXT inhibits cell aging and protects skin against UV damage.

After eleven years of research and development with help from a team of skincare professionals, dermatologists, and green chemists, we are proud to offer our line of all natural olive oil skincare products: a face oil, hand and body wash, hand and body lotion, body scrub, lip balm, and our hand-crafted natural olive oil bar soaps!

Just about everyone has an issue with their skin develop at some point and we all have a treasure trove of knowledge about our skin.  Maybe your story involves overcoming acne, successfully changing daily skincare routines, or learning to love our body’s largest organ. Our nota™ family welcomes you on our skincare journey!